You know... The word FATHER means a lot in this world. It means a lot to one person, and that's the child of that father. Father means you have a real man in your life, that one and only man that you are sure he won't let you go. Never...
       But, some people don't have that luck in their life. They do have a father, but it os only a human which you can call it like that. But there is no warmth in that word. And it hurts, a lot. No matter what you do, he is never pround of you. No matter what is your need, he only follows his needs and nothing more. Not every man is supposed to be a father. Because the child is suffering the most. Every child has to live in a quiet home, filled with love and joy. The child has to be happy, so he/she can grow in a normal and stable person in the future.
       So please people, love your children and do your best to make them the happiest people in this world. In the future, they will return this to you double. He that doesn't know how to take care of himself, please change or don't became a father. No one is supposed to suffer because of you!


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