“And here we are. Going backwards all the time” he said to me.
He looked me straight in my eyes. I could see the tears in his eyes. Once, I was able to see my whole world in those two, blue-skied eyes. Now, I only see tears and they don’t mean anything to me. Can you imagine that I didn’t even felt sorry for it?! It was like I was waiting for this moment all this time. I knew it was over. I couldn’t even apologize. “When did I get this much evil” - I said to myself.
 I was able to feel the distance almost a year ago. He was occupied with his work and with his friends, and didn’t even think about our relationship. I tried, I really tried. I give my most beautiful years to him. What for?
It happened a week ago. I was out with my friends; he was tired again as always to join us. We were drinking and partying all night long. There was this guy, a friend of my roommate. He was playing guitar, singing with his sensual voice. I felt some tension between the two of us, but I ignored it. La…


You know... The word FATHER means a lot in this world. It means a lot to one person, and that's the child of that father. Father means you have a real man in your life, that one and only man that you are sure he won't let you go. Never...
       But, some people don't have that luck in their life. They do have a father, but it os only a human which you can call it like that. But there is no warmth in that word. And it hurts, a lot. No matter what you do, he is never pround of you. No matter what is your need, he only follows his needs and nothing more. Not every man is supposed to be a father. Because the child is suffering the most. Every child has to live in a quiet home, filled with love and joy. The child has to be happy, so he/she can grow in a normal and stable person in the future.
       So please people, love your children and do your best to make them the happiest people in this world. In the future, they will return this to you double. He that doesn'…

You can never know

In the moment of happiness when you think you have found true love suddenly you feel kind of dizziness coming from above. 
You can never know when true love will show. 
We are like lost souls that don't know which way to go. 
Since I saw your eyes,  they are the only thing that I think of at the night. Since I kissed your lips,  they are the only thing that my head won't skip. 
What I thought it was a mistake,  it is actually a thing that I wanna repeat and to have many memories to create.


You can't be friends with everyone, that's for sure. Somethimes you can't be friend even with the person you thought you knew it for many years.     Is it hard only for me to trust to someone? I can't even trust to my shadow anymore.     I thought that she was my friend. I shared everything with her. For what? I couldn't give her expensive birthday presents or to go out in some luxury restaurants. But she had my full loyalty, my full support and help for everything, my honest advices.   Now, do you know what does my ex bestfriend have? Two-faced friends, with a lot of money and expensive cars. But she doesn't have someone to talk to.    Please people, don't put money over friendships! True friendship is something that you can't buy, even if you had all the money in the world.


Because we both know how this will end because it is easier to pretend.
Still standing at this crossroad and waiting for I don't know what.
You can see a smile on my face, you can feel a tear in my heart, you can touch my soul and it will fall apart.
And still standing and waiting... And still it's not ending...

To my love

I do not feel fear anymore...
For every single thing
that can come and go,
I know that only one will stay.
Even alone...

You know how to hold my hand,
you know how to make me smile
you know even how to stop me crying.

Your love that you give to me,
your warmth that keeps me in life,
your smile that makes me wanna fly,
are things that make me be
the light in your eye.


"Shhht... It may be worse." He who does not respond to pain,  he who is not afraid to oppose to pain, he is not even sick. He is dead.